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Article 1

  First, a short story about the world. This is the foundation of the whole story. The World resembles the earth. It is not completely alien. But it is different. There’s magic everywhere. Every creature has it albeit not equally. There are strangle and similar animals, dark creatures and intelligent ones. Humans are not the most intelligent creatures. There are countless species around the world that have similar intelligence compared to humans. Goblins, dwarves, orcs, giants etc. Some are openly in contact with humans. Some of them even live with humans.(surface dwarfs for example) Others are more isolated, or aggressive towards humans.

  Before the fantasy stuff, we should learn about the "normal" world. There are different human races. There are cultural similarities to real cultures as inspiration goes but they are not a carbon copy of the real counterparts or there may be no similarities apart from looks. Different humans adapted to different conditions. They are not from another dimension or world. They are the natives and maybe for the first time, humans are not a young species.

Major Nations



  Kingdom of Ruleron resembles the feudal kingdoms. They care about their lords, dukes, and their kings. People living in the land rely on each other to survive in the harsh lands. But they have a strict caste system. A farmer’s child must be a farmer. A lord’s daughter should be married to a lord’s son. It is not impossible to rise through the caste system but their chances are very slim. In the lands of ruleron, most creatures are malicious and trickster beasts. This caused them to be racist towards other species and races. Lots of members of other species hanged, tortured and killed by people of Ruleron

  The Ruleron Kingdom used to be part of the Elder Empire. A great empire spanned it's borders all arround the continent. But when the Elder king died, Ruleron rebelled against the loyalists and their increasing taxes and carved his own kingdom from a dying empire.

  Ruleron is a Monarchic kingdom. They have a king and an vizier. On official terms, vizier advises the king and gives them insight. but reality is often different. They have a vizier called "Ancient One" and he is old. more than 200 hundred years old. Nobody knows why he doesn’t die. But there are a lot of rumors. People believed that he is a demigod or a cursed creature but Truth has never been known to the public. Ancient one is the one pulling the strings. He controls the king. decides which prince marries which lady and which heir takes education. Some nobles knows who is in charge and act accordingly. But there are still people ignorant about the Ancient one.



  if Xanad Nation can be explained with one word it would be “experimental technology”. People of Xanad are scientists, thinkers, explorers. They always have a trick in their ranks, always something out of ordinary. But Xanad as a nation hates magic. They see magic as a non-natural source bound to have consequences. And magic breaks their technology. Although they heavily use magical crystals and artifacts. Their tools mostly depend on it.

  Xanad never liked the elder empire. Once the king died, they quickly parted and built their own nation. Then started protecting its borders.

  Xanad is ruled by a council of nearly 200 noble. Five members have more say in the council. They represent military, science, welfare, espionage and outer diplomacy. They can’t decide anything alone and need other noble’s approval. Their biggest enemy is the corruption in their council. They became experienced diplomats and spies because of it. They even turned this web of espionage and intrigue to a game called " Dance of the Fates" or "The Dance" for short. Every noble in the Xanad Dances with the Fate and either loses his/her life or wins and becomes rich with tons of money and enemies behind his/her back.



  Exintis is what others used to call “loyalist”. They cling to the past. The Elder empire. Exintis tried to prevent other nation’s rebellions and tried to subdue their own people. It was a time of war, famine, and desperation. They had to build a new nation. Elder empire was no more. Now they are Exintis. The new nation that will not stop until all the lands are in their borders. And they will not show mercy the traitors.

  Exintis is mainly a militarist nation. They had serious hardships. This made them hardy. They carefully oversee their limited resources and use them most efficiently. Exintis is built upon loyalty, order, and benefit of the masses instead of personal benefits. At first look they seem racist and owned by patriarchy. but it is not true. Exintis does not care about personal wishes. if a woman is better smith than a man. woman should take his place. If a man is better cook than a woman. Man should take her place. İf someone were to prevent this. The person generally either marked with hot iron or outright hanged. This is the punishment of crime called " Prevention of the use of living Resources "(most of the exile's rules are long and complicated)

  Exintis is governed by an emperor/empress. But he/she has an official council that help and advices his/her on decisions.



  Laikha is generally called “Outsiders”. They were the last ones to join the elder empire and the first ones to rebel against it. The land Laikha lives in is a dangerous place. Ruleron’s beasts are tricksters. Most of them can die with a blade. But in Laikha’s borders, creatures can actively hunt humans. Predators prowl the land and most famous creatures of the land live here.

  People of Laikha are superstitious. Normal folk doesn’t understand magic or the other species. They look simple-minded and believe different gods. They are isolationist.

  Laikha has an official king and queen but they are not free, unlike other nations. Lords have more freedom compared to a feudal kingdom and apart from taxes and some necessary rules, they are not obliged to do anything.



  Nomads are essentially human. But they are a different variant. Nomads are faster and stronger to other humans.(Other human nations call themselves Settlers). They can endure harsher climates and their body is able to take more punishment. But they are less educated and they are less social-minded. Nomads don't want to live in their so called civilization. They live in migratory tribes, raiding, and trading as a profession. They have huge capital named “Hiwa” but mostly goblins and weak nomads live in the capital city. Actually Goblins are the original builders of the city. Nomads are just living in it.

  Nomads are responsible for the fall of the Elder Empire. Third elder king(last) killed by them during the first siege of Hiwa. Most nations and races are distrustful against them and nomads even though most Nomads are willing to trade with them.


Four nations(And Nomads) have a long history with each other and they all have battled against one other for hundreds of years. And they could use a strong dragon. Which one will you choose?

Please keep in mind that this article is not a final product. Things can and probably will change. But we are trying to tell the parts that most unlikely to change.


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