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--Are you the great leader people follow behind or     the mighty warrior enemies cower in fear?--

   Form a band from peasants and best strongest mythical creatures. Command highly trained armies and conquer the whole continent. Become the Dragon King and Save the world... Or destroy it!

   You are the 12th Dragon Warrior. Came from a thousand years old ancestry that used to protect the world from the evil. But the world is not a place of light anymore. They have forgotten the cursed creatures once inhabited the land. Humans, elves and the others pillage each other while monsters creep from the depths.  An old enemy is coming. An enemy who does not die by the mortal hands. They will need the Dragon warrior. Will you be there?


  Swords and Dragons is an open-world fantasy roleplaying game with random generation. As a player, you will choose sides, battle various monsters and armies, face world destroying catastrophes and will become the ultimate weapon of destruction or creation. The world will be unique to you and will react to your deeds and the world's state. Helping someone will harm another. A minor battle in the edge of the world could change the fate of a nation. Be as a mercenary, be as a lord of a castle, the world will constantly change.


  • In The World
    • Movement = Left Mouse Hold/Click
    • Rotate Map = Q/E
    • Faction Screen = R
  • In Battle
    • Movement = WASD
    • Sprint = Left Shift
    • Dodge/Disengage = S + A/D + Space
    • Attack = Left Mouse click (With sword)
    • Charged attack = Left Mouse Hold (With sword)
    • Shield Stun = Right Mouse Click (With Shield)
    • Shield Defense = Right Mouse Hold (With Shield)
    • Skill = Q ( pushes enemies, heals allies, give armor to player)
    • Change Weapon = press 1 or 2


Current Features

General Concepts

  • Essentials
    • Saving/Loading - Profile Menu
    • Special Loading Screen
  • Army Management
    • Trainers-Manual Recruitment

Battle Scene

  • Dynamic Combat System
    • Dodge, Shield Block, Stun, Normal&Special Attack
    • Automatic Defense Mechanic
    • Crossbow - Ranged Combat
    • Simple Skill System - Q gives armor, heal allies and pushes enemies
  • 50-400 entity, Battle Simulation
    • Reinforcement
  • Smooth(non-voxel) Terrain
    • Grass, Bushes, and Trees
    • Elevation. high and low ground

World Scene

  • Map Controls
    • Zoom in&out, Rotating, and minimap.
  • Procedurally generated map
    • Day&Night Cycle - Custom Calendar
  • Map divided into Playable Factions
    • Patrols, Bandits and NPC Sieges. Factions conquer each other
  • Menus & Hud
    • Battle Begin and After Battle Report Screens
    • Resources: Supply, Happiness
    • Army, real-time Attack and Defense values


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The combat and open world are a really great start for this! My only two real complaints are that there didn't seem to be a tutorial and the lack of an overarching goal for the player. But the combat was damn fun, especially after I figured out how to draw my crossbow!